Take the stress out of managing Heart Failure, by transforming your bed into a smart bed.

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Meet Bedsense

Bedsense’s under-castor sensors turn your bed into a smart bed that continuously monitors your weight, heart rate, breathing rate and sleep quality.


Your weight is important

Most heart failure doctors agree that weight is the most important marker to monitor in heart failure, as a sudden change in weight is the first indication that something is wrong. At Bedsense we understand that accurately tracking your weight on daily basis is challenging.

Bedsense. Simplifying Heart Failure management, so that you can start the day your way!

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Automated care

While you’re asleep, Bedsense silently monitors your weight, heart rate and breathing rate

If it picks up something out of the ordinary, such as a sudden change in weight, Bedsense will let you let you know…

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Take early action

In the event of any changes, Bedsense can also alert family, friends or your heart failure team directly and send a health status report to enable early action